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This website has been created to help connect interested parties with marcona almond producers in Spain. Only for wholesale purchases. 

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Different Spanish almonds

The most important Spanish almonds

The most important Spanish almond varieties are: Marcona (known as the Queen of Almonds) Larguetas Ferragnes Valencias Ramillete Guara Bitter almonds Processed almonds (natural and blanched): Slices Slivers Dices Meal

European almond comparative

Comparative of European almonds

Different almonds around Europe French cultivation is made up of the Ferragnès (around 60%) and Ferraduel (around 30% of production) varieties . Because of its flat shape, the latter is mainly used for the …

Nutritional Chart

Nutritional Chart of Almonds

Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz) Energy 2,423 kJ (579 kcal) Carbohydrates 21.6 g Starch 0.7 g Sugars 4.4 g lactose 0.00 g Dietary fiber 12.5 g Fat 49.9 g Saturated 3.8 g Monounsaturated …

Almond Production Producers

Almond Production

With Shells (2018) TOP PRODUCERS     United States TONNES 1,872,000 SPAIN TONNES 339,000 IRAN TONNES 139,000 MOROCCO TONNES 117,000 The abbreviation srsly stands for “seriously”.   With Shells (2020) …

Top almond producing countries

Top almond producing countries

Which are the top countries to produce almonds? Below is a list of the top countries to produce almonds: United StatesSpainIranMoroccoSyriaTurkeyItalyAustraliaAlgeriaTunisiaChinaLibya

Almonds Nutrition

How nutritious are Almonds

How nutritious are almonds?Default Almonds are 4% water, 22% carbohydrates, 21% protein, and 50% fat (table). In a 100-gram (3+1⁄2-ounce) reference amount, almonds supply 2,420 kilojoules (579 kilocalories) of food energy. The almond is a nutritionally dense food …

Almonds and Nuts

SPAIN Marcona Almond News

  The need to focus  December 16, 2017 Emilio Galdrán, spokesman for Frutos Secos de Cooperativas, affirms that false expectations have done a lot of damage to almond prices, “in …

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