Comparative of European almonds

European almond comparative

Different almonds around Europe

French cultivation is made up of the Ferragnès (around 60%) and Ferraduel (around 30% of production) varieties . Because of its flat shape, the latter is mainly used for the production of dragees . These fruits are ripe around mid-September. Among the non-European varieties, the most widely marketed almond is the non -pareil almond of California origin. When it comes to almonds from Spain , the marcona is particularly famous; all other categories are marketed under the name Valencia . Avola is particularly popular in Italy .

Among the French almonds, the almond  symbolizes the coronation; it grows in Provence . This ancient variety, cultivated for more than 100 years, is highly valued by pastry chefs because it is very sweet. At the moment, a single confectioner is reserving the entire production. The same applies to the Ferrastar , which is bought by just one chocolate manufacturer. The Ferragnès almond , which is also very popular and has a good, sweet taste , is easier to find on the market . It is suitable for numerous processing. The Avola almond is very popular and attracts attention for its perfumed aroma. It is mainly processed in dragées.

They can be with the Marcona compare, a small Spanish almond with typical flavors that are, among others, for nougats and Turron used.

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