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December 16, 2017

Emilio Galdrán, spokesman for Frutos Secos de Cooperativas, affirms that false expectations have done a lot of damage to almond prices, “in this season there are more marcona almonds in Spain, but even with so many almonds we are nothing compared to the American market; In addition, a false news has been created that there were a lot of almonds in Spain, when it is not, which has caused farmers to be alarmed, they sell quickly and at very low prices. Unfortunately we have been all year in price below the American almond, when Spanish marcona almonds are of higher quality ”.

In this sense, he points to the need to “give value to the Spanish almond; the differentiation of our almond is fundamental so that we can achieve the value of the Spanish product ”.

He finally affirms that “what you have to do is concentrate, it is not worth each one to make war on his side because in the end the buyers take advantage of this. A cooperative will be able to defend prices in the market much better than an individual farmer ”.

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